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space colony: idle

Space Mining Tycoon Game
Game Category: Simulation & Strategy
Theme: Space & Sci-Fi

Train astronauts, construct colonies, set up a logistics system and research new technologies to mine precious metals on 16 different planets by building the greatest space colony in the universe.

Art lovers will be impressed by the astonishing 3D graphics within a harmony with wonderful UI that has been designed by aiming to become the best of its kind.

Users who played idle/clicker games before will truly enjoy the simulation-like game economics that drives for continuous research and therefore growth. In order to reach to the last planet, the users will be surprisingly challenged by integrating different strategies.

Build the best space colony in this impressive simulation game, form the most efficient strategy to maximize productivity! Train and clone astronauts even when you are not working on the space rockets!

Become the greatest businessperson in the whole universe by researching technologies, building colonies and setting up logistics systems. Relocate the humanity within the space rockets and discover 16 different planets by traveling from one to another!


• Easy to learn, hard to master!

• Challenging in its own unique way!

• Train astronauts to mine in space

• Build colonies to support astronauts

• Generate income by the minerals transferred to the earth

• Build and improve logistics to carry and sell minerals to earth

• Every space vehicle has a different sound

• Travel among 16 different planets

• Discover various interesting sci-fi planets and minerals

• 4 different logistics centers

• 5 different research centers

• Mine up to 16 different sci-fi minerals

• Thousands of researches available!

• No internet connection needed

• Impressive 3D graphics with amazing UI

- Build the greatest space colony ever! -

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Warmest wishes!

--- Your Space Colony: Idle Team ---

“A well-designed game is a guided missile to the motivational heart of the human psyche.”
Kevin Werbach

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